One Cup at at Time: Tracing Fair Trade Coffee from Peru to Canada

Irving K. Barber British Columbia Centre
Fair Trade Kamloops Event

The president of the Peruvian Coffee Cooperative will give a public presentation thatnks to the efforts of Fair Trade Kamloops anod other other organizations.

Esperanza Castillo, President of CAC Pangoa, will address how Fair Trade helps improve the livelihoods of small-scale coffee farmers in developing countries. His talk is titled One Cup at a Time: Tracing Fair Trade Coffee from Peru to Canada.

CAC Pangoa has about 500 member farmers and is located in the San Martin de Pangoa region, bordering the central Amazon jungle in Peru. 

CAC Pangoa has been described by its business partners as “a model grassroots enterprise” (Root Capital), “one of the leading fair trade cooperatives” (Root Capital), and “one of the best examples of a coffee producing cooperative that I have ever witnessed” (Fair Grounds). 

A trained agronomist, Esperanza Castillo has been the president of CAC Pangoa for over 10 years and is considered a great leader and role model within the industry. 

Under her leadership, the cooperative has developed strong partnerships and has secured contracts with roasters across Europe and North America.


About Fair Trade Kamloops
Fair Trade Kamloops is a TRU Student Union group that has student as well as community volunteers committed to helping alleviate global poverty and promoting environmental sustainability by increasing availability of Fair Trade Certified™ products in the Kamloops area.

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